The Intelligent Systems Club was originally founded by Dr. Nattu, who had small teams and senior design groups participate in the IGVC competition as early as 2002. From there it grew to what it is today as the premier robotics club at University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Intelligent Systems Club has a long history of involvement in several competitions. We also take part in many community involvement events, university sponsored events, career fairs, freshman orientations, class talks, outreach events, and traditional club activities.

Our primary source of funding is kind industry, individual, and alumni donations, plus support from the University. All work done in our club is on a voluntary basis, and we aim to contributed back intellectual property for the benefit of everyone. We can continue providing an environment for students to learn and improve because of our many kind supporters. Thank you very much.

ISC ELB 184B Room Photo

Core Purpose

The Intelligent Systems Club provides an environment for like-minded individuals enthusiastic about robotics to engage in system development through a friendly and experimental atmosphere.

  • Experience #1
  • Design #2
  • Service #3
  • Open Source #4
  • Improvement #5

Following these core principals we aim to gain experience not just in robotics, but in all other fields and aspects which concern our operation. Including, but not limited to, public relations, business, accounting, tutoring. We aim to use this experience for the benefit of our members, the University, and our community at large. We strive to provide this as a service to all in hopes that we can make the world a better place.