Tiny Cart

Tiny Cart league

Tinykart is an autonomous RC car platform developed by ISC for educational and prototyping purposes. Each Tinykart will contain scaled down components common on autonomous vehicles, such as LiDAR sensors, IMUs, and cameras, to be coupled with custom electronics. This will be paired with an onboard computer running ROS2, allowing budding software developers to test their code on a safe an inexpensive platform before moving on to our more advanced projects.


Our flagship project, Project Phoenix will have experienced ISC members collaborate with industry and academia alike to produce an autonomous go-kart. Competing in evGrandPrix, Phoenix will utilize cutting edge end to end machine learning techniques to navigate itself at speed, all while a separate safety system keeps watch in case anything goes wrong. Project Phoenix will host advanced work from all of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, providing a chance for collaboration between disciplines not commonly seen in the classroom.